What's Next?

Moving Your Journey Forwards

Surrogacy in the UK is based on friendship and trust. It requires patience and dedication to build the strong foundation needed to go through such an amazing journey together. Taking your time to find a good match will pay dividends. Spend time getting to know your surrogate and her family on a surrogacy basis but also on a personal basis. Whether you choose to match via an agency or independently using the Facebook groups or even if your potential surrogate is a close friend or relative, this relationship will become unique between you all so invest in it. 

Good Practices

Although the aforementioned above are the only legal requirements there are some good practices we suggest you follow to help have a safe and happy journey through Surrogacy -

  1. Take your time and don't rush.  Get to know each other and make sure you are confident that the friendship can withstand the emotional ups and downs of a pregnancy.
  2. Draw up a written agreement. Although not legally binding they can show what each party intends to happen and can also help the team discuss points such as expenses, termination, contact etc
  3. All checks to be completed including DBS checks, Counselling, STI checks, Fertility Testing for the Intended Father (recommend if not already done)
  4. Wills to be drawn up for all parties, Intended Parent's to show who they wish to care for the baby should anything happen to them prior to Parental Order being granted. Surrogates to state that the Surrogate baby has no legal rights to their estate and to show their intention to agree to a Parental Order being granted. Intended Parent's to state that all expenses owing to the Surrogate should be paid out of their estate in the event of their death.
  5. Life Insurance for the Surrogate should be paid for by the Intended Parent's. Two years cover for a minimum of £250k is recommend and should be taken out as soon as 'trying to conceive' begins. Pregnancy has a lot of risk even from the earliest stage (i.e. ectopic pregnancy) and should the worst happen the Surrogates family need to be financially cared for.