Different routes you can take

Independent Surrogacy


Independent Surrogacy is becoming a lot more popular in the UK with more and more people choosing to go down this route. 

Finding and matching with Intended Parent's or Surrogates is very much on a friendship basis.

Most independent matches are made though Facebook and many of these groups are secret so cannot be searched for or found without help. 

However Hope Surrogate Support Services now has a closed Facebook group that can be searched for should you decide this is the route for you. 

Hope also holds regular meets at different locations around the country as well as a weekend long Camping Meet (There are also hotels and static caravans available nearby). 



The UK has a few different not for profit organisations/agencies who charge a fee for members to join (surrogates are free).

They do sometimes close their books to Intended Parent's if they feel the ratio of Intended Parent's to Surrogates is too high.

Each Agency works in a different way with some sending out selected Intended Parent profiles to Surrogates whilst others hold socials and events to introduce members.

The Agencies have paid staff and overheads to cover therefore this can often make the cost of an Agency journey higher than that of an Independent journey.   

Overseas Surrogacy


Surrogacy laws in different countries are changing all the time. 

The USA is the most popular destination to pursue surrogacy abroad but it is also the most expense. Different states have different legislation but some offer some legal security. 

Other countries to consider are Canada, Georgia, Ukraine, Greece and Russia.

Surrogacy overseas can have a high cost and lengthy stay abroad post birth and when returning to the UK with your baby you will still need to apply for a parental order.